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Our mission is to foster youth empowerment by creating a space for dynamic individuals, including athletes, medical professionals, and mindset coaches, to share their expertise and personal journeys, inspiring attendees to expand their horizons and embark on a journey of self-discovery


Medicine & Sport

Explore the vital link between health, sleep, and safe sport practices with experts. Gain insights into the impact of sleep on performance and injury prevention, ensuring athletes thrive both on and off the field.

Education & Business

Gain insights from athletes and industry insiders on managing education, business, and sports. Hear advice on securing scholarships, explore the challenges of collegiate sports, and gain practical knowledge for pursuing your sports passion alongside education and career goals.

Stories of triumph

Absorb valuable insights and motivation as these athletes share reflections on their journeys, extracting lessons applicable to your own athletic endeavors.


Discover the significance of understanding your diet and tailoring it to meet your goals by joining nutrition experts. Gain insights into the latest research and practical strategies for effective body fueling.

Past speakers

Antonio Verona
Chiropractor, Trainer

Verona Training

Ana Vale

Verona Training

Gabriela Szabo
Former Olympic Athlete

Sorin Salajan
Orthopedist Surgeon, Nutritionist

Optim Choice

Virgil Stanescu
President, Former Captain (Basketball)

Sports HUB, National Basketball Team

Olivia Nita
Nutrition Specialist, Entrepreneur

Radu Popa
Booksport, Tennis Trainer


Anastasia Stanescu
Endocrinologist, Lifestyle Advisor

Horatiu Dumitrescu

Product Manager

World Class Romania

Laura Anexe

Personal Trainer Manager

World Class Romania

Anca Bucur

Wellness Coach, 6x Miss Fitness Universe

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